This year’s ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 conference is happening on May 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV. It’s the world’s biggest gathering of ServiceNow people (customers, developers, experts, and more).

It’s the place where shared learning happens, connections are born, and new ideas come to life. Join us May 14-18, 2023 at The Venetian Las Vegas and experience how the ServiceNow platform makes it possible to transform your business. With hundreds of content-packed sessions, inspirational keynotes, hands-on demos, and immersive experiences, you’ll see how together, we make the world work better.

– ServiceNow

This will be my 15th year attending the conference. It has been so fun to be a part of the evolution! I look forward to it every year, but I’m always exhausted when it’s over.

A large benefit of the conference is networking and creating relationships with people with similar interests. Maybe you want to find other similar companies in your industry who have already been through a CSM implementation so you can learn from their experience. Maybe you want to thank that “stranger” from the community who has helped you solve a tricky development problem. Maybe you want to find a group of folks in similar roles and at the same growth stage. The Knowledge conference is the place to do that.

Start networking as soon as you land! At baggage claim in the airport, the hotel check-in line, and the conference registration desk. You already have ServiceNow in common with everyone attending, and you’ll likely have much more than that. I’ve gathered some icebreaker questions to help get you started.

    • What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

    • What are you hoping to learn or achieve?

    • What are your top priorities for the year ahead?

    • What are some of the challenges you’re facing in your work?

    • What are some of the successes you’ve had recently?

    • What are some of the things you’re passionate about outside of work?

    • What do you look forward to doing during/after the conference?

These questions are designed to help you get to know your fellow attendees better and start building relationships. They can also help you identify common interests and goals, leading to productive conversations and collaborations.

In addition to the questions above, you can start a conversation by asking about someone’s background or experience. For example, you could ask:

    • What brought you to ServiceNow?

    • What do you like most about your job?

    • What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your career?

    • What are some of the things you’re most proud of?

These questions can help you learn more about someone’s professional journey and what they’re passionate about. They can also help you find common ground and build rapport.

Finally, don’t be afraid to be yourself and let your personality shine. Remember, all the people are just people! The best ice-breakers are genuine and authentic. If you want to get to know someone, just be yourself and let the conversation flow naturally.

About the Author: Carleen Carter

About the Author: Carleen Carter

ServiceNow developer and architect since 2009, Carleen is self-described as a Serious Script Includer and Low Code Lover. She holds several ServiceNow certifications, including Certified Master Architect. Carleen has a knack for explaining challenging concepts in a relatable and approachable manner. She thrives on enabling customers & colleagues and loves to see their success. She excels at crafting creative solutions to complex problems with an eye on the big picture.