Authentic. Authoritative. Unapologetic. These three powerful words so accurately describe the “CJ and The Duke” podcast and the hosts, Cory “CJ” Wesley and Robert “The Duke” Fedoruk. I love listening to each episode, and I often find myself talking out loud to my speaker as if I could possibly break the fourth wall from my “seat” in the audience.

Cory and Robert have been in the ServiceNow ecosystem for a long time; they’ve seen a thing or two. They both are independent practitioners, too, something I respect very much. My father was an independent AS/400 consultant, so I know there is a lot of work behind the scenes to run the business backend, keep up with the technology, and actually execute for your customers!

Unrehearsed. Another word to add to the list. When they asked me on Friday morning if I would join them that afternoon to record an episode, I JUMPED at the chance. They didn’t have a specific topic planned, so I told them about some projects I had been working on and what elements weren’t quite going as planned. It wasn’t long before they teased out an overarching theme, and we were off and running. The conversation flowed easily because all three of us handle this topic daily!

Listen in as we talk about Managing Customer Expectations. Enjoy!

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