I recently had the opportunity to speak with ServiceNow Senior Developer Advocates Chuck Tomasi and Lauren McManamon , as they invited me onto their regular podcast, ServiceNow Break Point. Although the podcast’s tagline is “the ServiceNow developer podcast,” Chuck’s warm welcome at the beginning of every episode ensures space for everyone – “ServiceNow admins, builders, developers, and curious individuals.”

During this engaging conversation, we delved into how my storied career intertwined with the evolution of ServiceNow. As the saying goes, “Make new friends but keep the old,” and that’s precisely what this experience felt like. Chuck and I go way back – all the way to the early days when the ServiceNow HQ was nestled in that iconic wooden spaceship, and Knowledge conferences had a more intimate vibe.

Lauren, on the other hand, is a new friend. Our paths crossed recently at the ServiceNow Developer MVP award dinner at Knowledge and CreatorCon ’23. She and I share a few common interests and are practically neighbors. Well, the Texas definition of neighbors, as she is only a “short” hour’s drive away from me.

Our discussion spanned several subjects, ranging from carefully crafted strategies for customers still relying on age-old Excel processes to ensuring gender-equitable access to technology in elementary schools. And just when you thought the conversation couldn’t get any more diverse, we even managed to carve out some time to discuss the delightful topic of cotton candy.

If you’re as intrigued as I hope you are, the podcast episode is linked below. So grab your favorite beverage, find a comfortable spot, and listen in.

Show notes are available by clicking on the info icon in the top right of the play, but here the timestamps and links for quick reference:


  • 00:00 Welcome/intro
  • 06:12 Life before ServiceNow
  • 07:40 Carleen’s start with ServiceNow
  • 08:38 MVP – sharing and training
  • 11:24 CMA and its meaning
  • 15:17 The next generation
  • 18:38 RiseUp!
  • 19:21 Knowledge memories
  • 23:50 Keynote speaker
  • 24:37 Career highlight and forecast
  • 27:00 Words of advice
  • 28:16 Contact info and outro

Thanks for listening! For more ServiceNow Break Point podcast episodes, head over to the ServiceNow Community for the link to your favorite podcast platform: https://www.servicenow.com/community/developer-blog/podcast-playlist-break-point-with-chuck-tomasi/ba-p/2268227

ServiceNow has many other podcasts, at least one for every audience, developer on up to the C-suite, browse for one you are interested here: servicenow.com/podcast. Note: when you have to recall this from memory, remember that there are mulitple ServiceNow podcasts, but the short link is singular!

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About the Author: Carleen Carter

ServiceNow developer and architect since 2009, Carleen is self-described as a Serious Script Includer and Low Code Lover. She holds several ServiceNow certifications, including Certified Master Architect. Carleen has a knack for explaining challenging concepts in a relatable and approachable manner. She thrives on enabling customers & colleagues and loves to see their success. She excels at crafting creative solutions to complex problems with an eye on the big picture.