For each and every ServiceNow platform upgrade, Acorio produces not only an eBook with the best-of-the-best platform features but also an hour-long webinar where you get the chance to ask our experts all your upgrade questions.

For our New York webinar, we had a great panel and some top-notch questions. In case you were not able to listen in live, we thought we would share some of the best questions and their answers. Plus, if you have enough time, you can watch the full webinar here at any time you want

Let’s jump in;

What are the plugins needed for NLP?

With all of the Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) updates, it was common sense for us to include this as our very first section in the NY Webinar.

Carleen Carter, our Director of Technical Innovations, starts with a quick overview of what NLP and NLU actually is, including definitions such as utterance, intent, and entity. Then, she dives into how the ServiceNow platform is actually using NLP. Some of the most popular applications are, perhaps unsurprisingly, Virtual Agent and Self-Service. This is integrated throughout the platform from Service Portal to Customer Service Management (CSM) and HR Service Delivery (HRSD).

Amid talking about the time needed to make NLP capabilities a reality in your own instance, Carleen mentions tools such as starter kits for ITSM or HRSD. Which is when the first webinar question popped up, What are the plugins that are actually needed for NLP? The short answer is that there is a whole host of them. Carleen’s suggestion? Go to your plugin library, and search for anything containing NLU (not NLP). All of these will need to be activated. 

Make sure to watch from 8:15 to 11:59 for a full explanation of NLP and some exclusive details on the capabilities in a mobile environment.

Is the Scaled Agile Framework coming from Acorio or is it OOB with New York?   

Scaled Agile Framework is just one of the many new features that IT Business Management (ITBM) saw in New York. Our ITBM Practice Lead, Janeen Osselborn, covers many of them in the webinar including her personal favorite – Innovation Management.

Beginning at minute 38:48 Janeen dives into the New York Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), also part of the ITBM product. Given her expertise in ITBM, Janeen talks about how more and more of Acorio’s own clients are moving over from both an Agile background and a Waterfall background, to really embrace SAFe. ServiceNow is not only aware of the marketplace desire for an alternative to Agile but is actually leading the charge. Which answers this particular question nicely: SAFe is not coming specifically from Acorio, rather it is a ServiceNow methodology that has been tied in with products such as the ITBM Program Boards.

“This is evidence of ongoing investment ServiceNow is making, not just to be on-par or on-track with other solutions, but to be ahead of that pack. We’re going to continue to see a lot of innovation and investment from ServiceNow in this area, deepening the partnership with SAFe.”

Janeen Osselborn, ITBM Practice Lead, Acorio

Other questions we cover in the webinar;

In order to have Application Portfolio Management, what are the prerequisites to be considered? And what is the benefit of CSDM that Servicenow is talking about?

Do any of the mobile features require an enterprise license?

Are users able to submit ideas anonymously?

Is there any discussion on giving people the ability to manually change colors for reports? For example, we would like anything that is more than a month overdue to be red.

Do you have other questions about New York? Watch our webinar: ServiceNow New York: NLP, GRC, ITBM Updates, and More

NOTE: This content was originally posted by Sarah Carley on October 2nd, 2019 on the Acorio website at The Acorio brand retired in April 2023 after acquisition by NTT DATA. Some links may no longer work.


About the Author: Carleen Carter

About the Author: Carleen Carter

ServiceNow developer and architect since 2009, Carleen is self-described as a Serious Script Includer and Low Code Lover. She holds several ServiceNow certifications, including Certified Master Architect. Carleen has a knack for explaining challenging concepts in a relatable and approachable manner. She thrives on enabling customers & colleagues and loves to see their success. She excels at crafting creative solutions to complex problems with an eye on the big picture.