Walking into the ServiceNow Knowledge Expo Now showroom floor is an experience that only elevates the profound sense of community that exists in the ecosystem. Everywhere you look there are conversations happening at tables, couches, strategically built booths, in the aisles and sometimes, sitting right on the floor.

Which, before I even jump into the main takeaways from Day One at the conference, is the underlying theme that I wanted to point out. The true heart and soul is the people – the users – all buzzing around the floor and the hallways, eager to discuss the most recent session or keynote with anyone else who is willing. The platform has grown to the imposing player that it is because of these people and because ServiceNow as a company has listened to what they need in their world of work.

ServiceNow’s Tipping Point: Tool versus Platform

So – diving right into some of the other takeaways from Day One. John Donahue, ServiceNow’s CEO, kicked off by reiterating the message that we heard hammered home last year, that ServiceNow is no longer just a tool to be implemented in IT or to consolidate your existing IT tools. It’s its own stand-alone platform that is responsive to ever increasing new processes, priorities, and roles in enterprises around the globe.

Even before K19, but certainly hitting the point home here at the conference in the keynotes, in the images and written messages, ServiceNow is focusing on three “cloud” spaces; employee, customer, and IT. Across each of these areas, they are concentrating on the easy to digest concept of workflows, that “work for you”.

Technology’s Tipping Point: Using Platforms as an Agent of Change

Donahue said that technology is at a tipping point. Countless software and processes have been used in businesses for over a decade, but now, now we are at a tipping point where technology has the actual ability to change the way we work.

One of the tactical ways that they are going about this, especially since the Madrid launch, is mobile. Empowering workers to access their work in a way that makes sense in today’s world. The New York release was talked about – with exciting new mobile capabilities coming into play *cough cough HR. Again, ServiceNow as a company is moving into the sphere of changing how work is working.

At the end of the day, I sat down with Carleen Carter, our Director of Technology Initiatives to ask her what she thought about Day One, or for Carleen, Day Four since she was here for pre-conference Master Architect training.


As a seasoned IT veteran with over 20 years of experience (and 10 years’ experience in ServiceNow), she was actually employee #99 at ServiceNow, moving up through the Professional Services team as a very strategic asset. At both ServiceNow and Acorio, she has worn multiple hats including developer, architect, business process consultant, and trainer.

If you see her on the Knowledge floor feel free to ask her about custom architecture and applications, user experience-driven development, and the full range of ITSM process areas including asset management, procurement, contract management, and request/CMDB. She is a woman of many hats, and I loved talking to her about her K19 thoughts.

We’re excited to see what Day Two is going to bring, including diving into some more tactical sessions and having more in-depth conversations with key users and practitioners. Stay tuned for our next update!

NOTE: This content was originally posted by Sarah Carley on May 8th, 2019 on the Acorio website at https://www.acorio.com/knowledge19-day-one-recap/ The Acorio brand retired in April 2023 after acquisition by NTT DATA. Some links may no longer work.