Acorio’s ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report is the first of its kind – a full-scale analysis of ServiceNow with data directly from its users.

This report dives deep into the impact of both Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and the ServiceNow platform across the globe, explores how it is embraced across the Enterprise (from IT to Customer Service and HR to Business Management and SecOps), but most importantly, it looks at how ServiceNow is actually working inside your peers’ businesses today.

ServiceNow Stats from the Top: Sweeping Enterprise Adoption

ServiceNow Stats from the C-suite infographic

As the digital revolution has swept across businesses and technology investments continue to branch across the entire company, it’s no longer just the head of IT or the Director of HR weighing in on purchasing decisions. Purchases are being vetted and tracked by the C-Suite, which is why we’re bringing you data from the people sitting in the big chairs.

We asked business leaders what KPI’s they track, and time to resolve an incident or request was at the top of the list at 61.5%. Hand-in-hand with reducing time to respond, 50% of executives track cost savings as one of their top metrics.

Why do these two go together? Because executives don’t just care about top-line cost savings. They also rigorously track and maintain bottom-line savings, which are often the first warning signs if anything is wrong with the business.

Because of ServiceNow’s enterprise expansions, KPI’s cited also included: Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) at 50%, Employee Satisfaction Scores (ESAT) 38.5%, and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) at 23.1%.

In fact, a growing number of enterprises are diving deeper into evaluating their Employee Experience (EX). Chief Human Resource Officers (CHRO’s) are increasingly shifting to Chief Employee Experience or Chief People Officers. But employee experience is more than a new business fad and buzzword. EX means companies working together with their employees to create authentic experiences (aka, personalized experiences) that tap into purpose to strengthen individual, team, and company performance. The war on talent, resulting in the competitiveness of a company’s success, is won or lost based on EX.

Once ServiceNow is implemented in an organization, we also see that roadmaps tend to grow. Here, we wanted to delve one layer deeper into what ServiceNow customers are purchasing (beyond the 93% who have invested in IT so far.)

According to our survey respondents, today nearly 54% of ServiceNow customers have implemented 2 or more products, 27% have adopted more than 3, and more than 1 in every 10 clients have implemented 4 or more elements of the platform.

“Customers stay with the platform because they are excited about the possibilities ServiceNow creates within their organizations.”

Carleen Carter, Director of Architecture, Acorio

Is this surprising? Well… as we saw in insight number four, roadmaps have a tendency to grow, but this is the first statistic we’ve seen on how deep ServiceNow’s roots are going into modern organizations, really highlighting the power of ServiceNow’s potential to transform organizations. For some, all of this transformation can be daunting. While roadmap expansion is exciting, it’s also tied for the #1 challenge facing organizations implementing ServiceNow. However, with careful strategy and a cohesive plan for your platform grown and organizational change management, you can absolutely fulfill your business goals.

There is more…

This report, with insights and data gathered from over 300 of your ServiceNow peers, is not one to miss. Along with more insights from business executives this report dives into:

  • ServiceNow KPI’s, implementation challenges and results at medium and large companies
  • Industry spotlights of federal and healthcare respondents
  • A look at the future of ServiceNow as a company and as a platform.

To access the full report, click here.

NOTE: This content was originally posted by Sarah Carley on March 26th, 2019 on the Acorio website at The Acorio brand retired in April 2023 after acquisition by NTT DATA. Some links may no longer work.