Last Monday Acorio was recognized as one ServiceNow’s Top 5 Global Partners for total certifications at the ServiceNow Global Partner Summit.

We are so proud to be named alongside some of the largest players in the ServiceNow ecosystem – and even more to know we are the only 100% ServiceNow exclusive Partner to have made the list.

For Acorio, it all comes down our people. Six months ago, ServiceNow rolled out a new certification process, and we used it to challenge our team of experts to push themselves and hone their skills even more. We’re are so gratified to say they stepped up to the challenge and earned the recognition from ServiceNow of something I was already aware of  – we work with the very best, most motivated team of ServiceNow experts out there!

The 2018 Global Partner Summit underscored the power of the ServiceNow platform to drive ROI in organizations, and, as the new branding asserts, change how work, works.

Being a ServiceNow Partner is a pretty special position to be in. As the ServiceNow partner universe matures, analysts and execs alike expect partners play an even more strategic role in overall growth. With clients pushing beyond core ITSM implementations to more diverse, transformative (and really interesting) projects, the difference between partners with an established history of success on the platform will crystallize even more.

Last Monday, and all week on the Knowledge floor talking to clients, we heard one very clear message repeated over and over: Expertise and a strategic approach to ServiceNow is the critical differentiator for the companies driving Year 2 and Year 3 value on the platform.   

So, how did we get here?

 A New Focus on Quality in the ServiceNow Partner Ecosystem

For those who have been watching, ServiceNow has clearly seen stratospheric growth in the past decade, evolving from a niche ITSM software to a category-leading Global Enterprise backbone. This expansion has inevitably lead to a corresponding growth in the number of partners attracted to the ecosystem – leaving clients to wonder how, exactly, to choose the right partner to support their strategic initiatives.

For ServiceNow professionals, this explosion of technology (two update releases a year!) means it’s necessary to continue education and self-development in order to maintain the skills necessary to thrive in the market.

While ServiceNow has always reinforced excellence with their certification program, the past year has led them to mature the certification process quite a bit. Previously, certifications held no expiration date — so it was completely possible to call yourself an ITSM Specialist capable of Custom Intelligent Apps… all while holding a certification from the ‘A’ (Aspen) Release.

They announced all existing certifications would expire as of March 31, 2018, and asked all partners and professionals to do a one-time re-up to ensure all their existing certifications were current. While this was a relatively dramatic move, it was a significant step towards curating the Partner ecosystem and ensuring clients get the expert help they need to achieve success with the platform.

Putting Customers First

The new certifications make ServiceNow a ‘craft’ on an individual level, a constant mastery of one’s profession, but on the ServiceNow Partner level, it is a calculated decision to fulfill the promise of putting customers first.

We have seen first-hand that many first time customers, with limited experience on the platform, can get a bit overwhelmed by the vast level of change that ServiceNow can present to their organization. In the process of updating workflows and technology, they suddenly discover an opportunity to redefine their overall processes, finding more efficiency, and evolving how individuals embrace their job to achieve ROI year after year with the ServiceNow platform.

“Digital Transformation is no longer just a buzzword. Every company in the world is in the midst of a digital transformation because every company in the world is being disrupted by technology.”


John Donahoe, CEO at ServiceNow

It’s hard to overstate the importance of experience plays in that process. At Acorio, we, in fact, consider it our mission to inspire and guide clients on the journey – which includes understanding, not just the table stakes of technology, but also business processes and Organizational Change Management.

So what does it really mean (and take) to be a ServiceNow Top 5 Global Partner?

Of course, being a Top 5 Global Partner and a Gold Services Partner takes a lot more than just receiving certifications.

“We want to make sure that we are delivering ServiceNow implementations in a way that sets customers up for longevity on the platform.”

Carleen Carter, Director of Technical Consultants and Solutions at Acorio

Central to our business strategy at Acorio is developing and maintaining the highest quality consultants –  trained to understand the right recipe of ServiceNow consulting to drive real change in the ecosystem. Every professional at Acorio receives 80+ hours of career development a year, and often individuals set their quarterly goals around new ServiceNow certifications.

We are honored with the recognition from ServiceNow, the Top 5 Global Partner win confirms our commitment and dedication to ServiceNow, as we continue to guide hundreds of clients on their ServiceNow journey, it’s our belief that expertise matters. See what it means to partner with a true ServiceNow expert.

NOTE: This content was originally posted by Mike Hanrahan on May 17th, 2018 on the Acorio website at The Acorio brand retired in April 2023 after acquisition by NTT DATA. Some links may no longer work.