Whether you are a frequent flyer or stuck at the office for a summer-long layover, you can use these 5 online clinics to take your business on a trip to new heights.

We pulled together our five most popular online clinics to ensure that you can always access our cutting-edge training, regardless of your summer destination. It does not matter if you are at your desk, or on-the-go, these 5 clinics will help you take full advantage of our best ServiceNow innovations and insights.

1. Are You Missing the Asset Management Revolution?

Acorio’s Director of Technical Consultants and Solutions, Carleen Carter, breaks down how to dramatically reduce costs and eliminate regulatory risk with an intelligent, integrated ServiceNow Asset Management backbone.

2. CMDB – When Failure is not an Option.

Join Acorio Vice President of Solutions and Innovation, Adam Mason, and ServiceNow Managing Consultant & ITOM Business Practice Lead, Terrell Pursley, to learn the secrets of getting your CMDB project right the first time.

3. Customer Relationship Management Bootcamp

Unfortunately, most companies approach Customer Service Management backward – starting with reactive, ticket-oriented Customer Service Management (CSM) systems, rather than comprehensive, interconnected data management. Check out Acorio’s Customer Relationship Management Bootcamp webinar with Vice President of Solutions and Innovation, Adam Mason, as he demystifies CSM, breaking down the right way to approach your ServiceNow CSM technology.

4. Five Rules to Guide Your Service Portal Journey

Every company wants a modern, easy-to-use Service Portal. In this clinic on guiding your Service Portal journey, Acorio experts share their best practices on how to deploy modern web technologies (including mobile) to streamline your internal IT portals based on over a decade of work designing best-in-class user experiences.

5. ServiceNow 101: The 3 Crucial Powers of ServiceNow

Join Acorio’s leadership team members: CEO, Ellen Daley, and Vice President, Ross Rexer, as they offer real-world examples of the three major ways ServiceNow’s platform can add value to your business. In ServiceNow 101: The 3 Crucial Powers of ServiceNow, you will learn to satisfy the high expectations for speed and visibility among your customers, employees, and partners, while also learning to pick worthwhile opportunities, and predict growth areas.

NOTE: This content was originally posted by Devon Clarke on May 4th, 2022 on the Acorio website at https://www.acorio.com/acorios-top-5-servicenow-online-clinics/ The Acorio brand retired in April 2023 after acquisition by NTT DATA. Some links may no longer work.

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About the Author: Carleen Carter

ServiceNow developer and architect since 2009, Carleen is self-described as a Serious Script Includer and Low Code Lover. She holds several ServiceNow certifications, including Certified Master Architect. Carleen has a knack for explaining challenging concepts in a relatable and approachable manner. She thrives on enabling customers & colleagues and loves to see their success. She excels at crafting creative solutions to complex problems with an eye on the big picture.