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I am Carleen Carter, aka smartcarleen. I’m an Architect who loves to build. I care deeply about avoiding technical debt, creating data-driven applications, and building with scalability, maintainability & upgradeability in mind.

My ServiceNow journey started in 2008 when I was tired of being a cog in a big global company machine, the only company I had ever worked for. Job options were limited due to the recession, and I had big-time imposter syndrome, fretting that I felt unqualified for every job. Fortunately, my network knew better, and I was offered the opportunity to join ServiceNow as employee #99. Since then, I’ve worked for several ServiceNow ecosystem companies transforming work for hundreds of clients.

Today, I serve as Principal Architect at Serenity. I hold several ServiceNow certifications, including Certified Master Architect. I’m also honored to be in the 2023 class of Developer MVPs.

After 15 years of ServiceNow experience, I know a thing or two about the platform, but by no means omniscient. I still learn new tips, tricks, and platform features daily. I’m a big supporter of low and no-code options, but I will whip up a serious script include when necessary.

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